White chocolate chip cookies

white chocolate chipe cookiesSome may serve red velvet for a unique event, I say any day is a great day for red velvet! No unique event needed White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe. I made some Red Velvet Sweets last week for a friend who was hosting his birthday party on Sunday and it motivated me to create another red velvety sweet. These biscuits are a mixture of two of my all-time preferred desserts, those Red Velvet Sweets, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
These gently chocolaty, pleasantly soft, beautifully red biscuits are simply fantastic!  In my view red velvety isn’t candy, if I desired a candy sweet I’d create a candy sweet. Red velvety to me is a mixture of vanilla flavor and candy; one shouldn’t really engulf the other. That’s why when I create red velvety dishes they are somewhat light on the chocolate. Plus when you use too much chocolate it reduces that wonderful red shade, it changes it more of a darkish auburn color rather than a velvety red. I also tried making these biscuits with 50 percent darkish glucose and 50 percent white glucose and that even hid the red shade due to the deep darkish color of the molasses in the darkish glucose, so the darkish glucose was out.White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

It’s all I can think about. That’s why I made blue cookies and stained my hands and fingernails for all eternity. Worth it.

But really, the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl is A. Big. Deal. You see, we’re suffering from a drought here. We have not won a national sports title in almost 40 years. Yikes.

The quantity of meals shading you add is completely up to you, but I would recommend using a gel shading because not only are they more pigmented (meaning you can use less!), but they won’t change the wet to the dry component rate of your money like a genuine fluid shading could.

Also, if you bought these to be splendid Seahawks-y, you could switch the white chocolate chips out for Skittles—White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe!

Anyway, whether or not your team is playing on Sunday, I hope you will be watching the big game (at least for the commercials!), preferably with a batch of these by your side.

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love chocolate cookies. They taste so decadent and stand up to some strong flavors. I don’t use white chocolate very much, but it is one of E.’s favorites and thought I would make him a little something for a change. White Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

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